譯文: 用近 2 年的發展時間,NUKE 7.0 帶來了許多新功能和節點。了解這些新的工作流是被成功組合器的關鍵因素。這是一個大的版本,所以這一系列的 NUKE 教程將介紹最重要的新功能,您可以使用今天加快你的工作和創造美麗新效果 !我們將開始培訓,通過學習如何使用新的導航功能的書簽和 J 熱鍵快速移動我們節點圖和找正是我們尋找的地區。從那里,我們將學習如何使用關鍵幀在節點的跟蹤跟蹤來加快我們的軌道。我們還將學習如何使用交通燈系統來評價我們的軌道的薄弱部位。下一步我們將開始潛水到偉大的新的 ZDefocus 節點從而使我們能夠創造現實領域深度模糊散景效果。我們將學習如何設置我們的形象和深度的節點,然后我們可以怎樣改變我們的過濾器類型,甚至插件新的篩選器來創建色差的影響。最后我們將學習如何使用某些 3d 數據圖像點燃節點使用核武器 3D 照明系統來改變我們的形象與現實照明。 原文:  With almost 2 years of development time, NUKE 7.0 brings with it many new features and nodes. Understanding these new workflows is a key factor to being a successful compositor. This is a large release, so this series of NUKE tutorials will cover the most important new features that you can use today to speed up your work and create beautiful new effects! We will start the training by learning how to use the new navigation features of bookmarks and the J hotkey to quickly move around our node graph and find exactly the area we"re looking for. From there we will learn how to use keyframe tracking in the tracker node to speed up our track. We will also learn how to use the Traffic Light system to evaluate weak parts of our track. Next we will begin diving in to the great new ZDefocus node which allows us to create realistic depth-of-field blur with bokeh effects. We"ll learn how to set-up the node with our image and depth, then how we can change our filter types and even plug-in a new filter to create chromatic aberration effects. Finally we will learn how to use the Relight node with some 3d data images to use NUKEs 3D lighting system to change our image with realistic lighting.

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